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Modern-day Fortune Teller, Rare Psychic Reader

Why is Kathleen so famous in Canada?

Psychic KathleenKathleen is famous (see her media page for details) for being a uniquely gifted reader. She combines a strong, credible and academic background with a risk taking life experience to inform her wise and down-to-earth spiritual guidance. It makes for quite a powerful alixir when added to the psychic gifts that were identified and honed from the time she was a child.

She effectively gets to the heart of your trouble. Kathleen won't waste your time or hers with padded and silly sugary predictions. She will tell you what you need to hear not necessarily what you want to hear. Your path to right purpose, health and strength is always foremost in her work. Service is the foundation of her honourable intention. She is a natural, skilled communicator so everything she says will be clear. Taking what many others have commented (see her testimonials page for details) on her readings.

The following summarizes her work:


Kathleen honours both spiritually and professionally that she be honest with her client about what she is seeing and sensing. If a client specifically requests, "NO BAD NEWS PLEASE!", Kathleen will respect that request.


Kathleen has been reading for clients for more than 35 years. She works with hundreds of returning clients who have been consulting her for readings throughout all the stages of their adult development years. She has walked with them on their journey as their lives unfold as she predicted and they keep returning. Many of these clients have mailed and emailed unsolicited comments which you can read in her testimonials.


Kathleen is 60 years old and has travelled, taken risks, and been married twice. She has studied and completed 6 different training programs across four universities. She is not only well read but experienced in the challenges and tragedies of real life. Friends and colleagues who know her well will describe her as wise, nonjudgemental, funny, intelligent and shrewd. She can see with a clarity of vision that's rare, and yet relates her knowledge in plain, straightforward language. After a reading you will declare that you not only feel better, you have a much clearer perspective on the issues that are causing you grief and freezing you with indecision.


Kathleen will not waste your time or money. She will address your issue quickly, answer any questions you have regarding the reading and be professional in her work with you. You can trust her to keep your sessions with her private and confidential and to apply all her knowledge and gifts fully to YOUR needs.


Kathleen is a true believer. She believes in the power of the Infinite presence of loving intention. Kathleen has a daily spiritual practice and deeply honours and supports everyone's spiritual beliefs. She practices what she believes and lives a simple life rich in friendships, healthful living, and authenticity. She is an active and fierce advocate for those who have not developed their own voice, the disenfranchised and the oppressed in the world.


Kathleen possesses an uncanny yet gentle ability to see, connect and interpret your true soul's journey. She receives audio and visionary information related to your past experiences. Through intuitive flashes of insight, she is psychically able to project where your soul needs you to go to fullfill your true destiny. This is undoubtedly one of her most unique gifts and one you won't soon forget hearing about yourself!


Ultimately your reading will be rich with meaning, and connections. Kathleen will psychically transport you to a place where you can see your life choices, relationships, and surroundings from a higher vantage point. You'll see the gossamer threads running between all the aspects of your life, and you'll recognize the power of the symbols that keep resurfacing for evaluation and resolution. Kathleen has the ability, knowledge and insight to provide you with unique tools of interpretation and communication. No one leaves her reading space confused or falsely inflated.

Arranging a Tarot Reading with Kathleen is Easy!

You can arrange for a psychic reading on the phone, text chat. You can make a payment directly using your credit card below. Processing can take up to 2 hours depending on time of day and internet traffic. Once your payment has been made below email Kathleen to arrange a time to do your reading. Kathleen will respond to your payment within 24 hours to arrange an appointment time.

If you prefer to have your reading immediately you would be better served using the Ether method. Ether is Kathleen's immediate and emergency response service.

Length of Reading

A private reading can be arranged by appointment if you live in or are visiting near Victoria, BC. Read the testimonials from my clients, read my qualifications, look at our news and events page. e-mail me at tarotbykathleen@gmail.com to arrange an appointment.

"But since so many multitudes of souls must pass through the shadows let no one suppose that the Divine Mother leaveth her children to pass through them unaccompanied; let none suppose, because of their sorrow, that she has deserted them. She maketh her "image" to be despised therefore, by having it trailed in the dust, because of the darkness of the Earth and the Sorrows of her daughters." by Mrs. Cora Richmond - Psychosophy (The Book of the Soul)

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