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Listen to this recent radio interview (.mp3 format) where Kathleen discusses all things Tarot!

"I thought this academic background would give her a very interesting perspective on the insights and effectiveness of tarot and was promven more than right when I finally met her."

Ashley Csanady
Staff Reporter, Imprint Newspaper, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario

From a youth spent obsessing about Buffy, and subsequently Wicca, to a chance purchase of a Tarot deck along the banks of the Seine to a relatively recent obsession with Astrology, various forms of divination and the occult have always fascinated me. Perpetually oscillating between skepticism and mystification, I’ve always found it hard to remedy my spiritual explorations and ideas with my more cynical, analytical, and practical side.

It was with this mix of trepidation, skepticism, curiosity, and even a little bit of hope that I went to my first tarot card reading a few weeks ago. I found myself riding the bus to Kitchener, trying to prep my face into poker-like blankness and thinking of what I really expected to get out of the experience. I had found my tarotist online. Her name is Kathleen Meadows, and it was her academic, and not her psychic credentials, that pulled me in. According to her website, Meadows “holds an M.A. Degree in Religion and Culture with special emphasis on the Sacred Feminine and the writings of Carl Jung from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.” I thought this academic background would give her a very interesting perspective on the insights and effectiveness of tarot and was proven more than right when I finally met her.

I went to Meadows’ apartment for the reading, although she also does house calls. I found her instantly likeable, not something that I commonly admit, and the incense-scented room was far from the kitschy psychic dens in pop culture. One side of the well-lit room was covered in pencil-case like purses that I later learned were filled with dozens of different tarot decks, a computer buzzed away in one corner where Meadows must manage all her online bookings, and the lace-covered table complete with crystal ball seemed mildly out-of-place in the other-wise unassuming home office.


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"It's all in the cards" by Johanna Weidner, The Record

It's all in the cards - The Record - Kathleen Meadows believes the tarot goes way beyond simple fortune-tellingKathleen Meadows believes the tarot goes way beyond simple fortune-telling to opening a window to the unconscious.
"The tarot is an amazing source of wisdom about human development and about ourselves and people in our lives," Meadows said.

..."I think everyone will find themselves in the tarot," said Meadows, who is a researcher for Kitchener's Community Justice Initiatives as well as a teacher of local tarot classes. She also offers private readings. "I think it's a great inspiration."
Reading the tarot does not necessarily require psychic ability, Meadows said, but it does nurture a person's natural intuition."

...There are hundreds of tarot decks available, and each person must find the ones that resonates with him or her, Meadows explained. For instance, Meadow's interest in tarot was sparked by a feminist deck which focused on images of women.

"A purpose in the patterns" by Mirko Petricevic, The Record

Daily newspaper in Kitchener, Saturday edition

Meadows spoke at the Kitchener Public Library last month on the topic of tarot and feminist spirituality.

Seeing a purpose in the patterns - The RecordThe stereotypical image of a tarot reading consists of an old crone huddled over a deck of cards and telling a young maiden's fortune.
"It's very much a woman's domain," Meadows says.

..."Women aren't used to hearing themselves referred to as high priestesses, empresses and queens," Meadows says.

Women respond to tarot more than men because women tend to be more receptive to hearing messages from the intuitive," Meadows says.

They also seem to be more interested in relationships, she adds.
So when clients ask her for a tarot reading, they typically want to know what's in store for their relationships with family or lovers.

When Meadows performs a reading, she asks clients to pose a question. Then she shuffles the 78-card deck and usually lays down 10 cards in a pre-ordained pattern.
Each position is designated for a particular purpose, so a card can have different meanings depending on where it falls.

"Some Tarot with your Earl Grey?" by Anthony Reinhart, The Globe and Mail

ome Tarot with your Earl Grey? The Globe and Mail
In the warm glow of a dozen tealight candles, Kathleen Meadows turns a card, lays it on the table and leans
Ms. Meadows, a tarot card reader, is talking to Margaret Swaine, a Toronto-based food-and-wine writer...

...Makes you wonder what the Queen might think the next time she beds down at the historic hotel.
Ms. Meadows thinks the Queen would be unfazed.
"Royalty has always traditionally had readers and psychics," she says. "So Queen Elizabeth might like to come for a reading, who know? That would be really exciting." ...Margaret Swaine seems impressed.
"Tea and contemplation and relaxation, and just thinking, "


"Daytime TV" with Susan Cook-Scheerer

Susan: Maybe you can explain a little bit about the Tarot Cards and how they are used.
Kathleen: The Tarot cards are actually a story about the Fool (that's YOU in the sense of the main character, the experiencer). The Fool goes through these various stages of development that can apply to everybody.
Susan: Can we do a reading today?
Kathleen: Sure. Just think of a question. Something that might be waking you up at 3 AM - something you're wondering about, or thinking about.
Susan: Something I wonder about is how my career goes. Does it need to be a specific question? Maybe something about a change coming up in my future as far as my career goes.
Kathleen: I'm not going to do a "full reading" (which) usually takes 10 cards. A reader has a number of layouts to choose from - you can lay out 6 cards, or 3 cards or one card. So for today and since we're kind of time limited, I'll draw one card.
Susan: Okay. One card! No pressure - one card draw! (tongue in cheek).
Kathleen: "Will there be a change in my life in the next few months" is then your question?
Susan: Yes.
Kathleen: The Card I've drawn is White Buffalo Woman, the Daughter of Stones in the West.
Susan: Now what does that mean?
Kathleen: It means in answer to your question ..it's not indicating dramatic change. This is not a change card. It's pointing to an interest you have in the land whether that is your own property that you live on - perhpas a cottage - a land that you feel especially "connected" to. That process of being connected to this land is something that will deepen for you here.
Susan: Now you know that's interesting! because I'm thinking of all sorts of things that I've been thinking and feeling. I can understand that - it makes some sense to me. Do people say that all the time? That right away you can see the wheels turning and all of sudden RIGHT RIGHT I know what she means?!
Kathleen: It happens all the time. It's a curious experience. Really you need to have a Tarot reading done to understand what Tarot is all about. It's asking the Cards for a piece of information - drawing upon a source of information that you wouldn't have under other circumstances.
Susan: The thing I get is that you have to have a certain sense and feeling to read Tarot well. You teach it. Can anyone learn to read Tarot? Isn't it something that you'd almost need an innate sense about or some sort of ...
Kathleen: Psychic ability?
Susan: Exactly!
Kathleen: Everyone is psychic and has psychic ability. Certainly anyone attracted to learning the Tarot already knows they have psychic ability and they recognize this divinatory tool as one that works for them.

"It's High Time" by Bill Taylor, The Toronto Star

Thursdays, off in a corner sits Kathleen Meadows, a "certified tarot grand master". You might think a tea-leaf interpreter would be more appropriate but Meadows offers cards readings at $25 for 20 minutes.

...The tarot reading is fascinating (and quite insightful in places) though it does interrupt the flow of the meal - one person, then another, getting up and going over to be "read".

Tea, Tarot & Tarts By Grace Cameron, Lifestyle Editor

High tea at Toronto' swanky Fairmont Royal York Hotel isn't what it used to be. These days you can have a cuppa as a Tarot card reader reveals your destiny

THERE WAS nary a pinkie sticking out and not a white glove in sight. Instead, on a frisky April afternoon, about 50 casually dressed people, including a baby and a table full of men, went to tea at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto.

At first, the thought of afternoon tea at this 75-year-old landmark that exudes British civility and all things refined weighed heavily on my mind. I'm more a coffee-drinking (brewed coffee, mind you), on-the-move, contemporary kind of gal. Tiny finger sandwiches, crumpets, Devonshire cream and delicate tea cups hardly figure on my gastronomic landscape. And this place even has a Tea Sommelier (a highfalutin word for tea expert) for heavens sake!

It was the Thursday afternoon twist - a Tarot card reader - that finally swayed me. I reckoned that if the Royal York was hip enough to have a Tarot card reader in its tea-room it couldn't be so staid after all. So on this afternoon I drifted in from the cold to the EPIC, the restaurant located on the first floor of the hotel. I was escorted into a carpeted room, peaceful with just a bit of a buzz. Nothing imposing or ornate here, I thought. The first order of business was to see Kathleen Meadows, the Tarot card reader who was waiting for me. Bespectacled, with an inviting smile, Meadows seemed more like a nice school marm than a woman who held the answers to my life's questions in her deck of cards.

A religion psychologist, certified Tarot Grand Master, Tarot teacher and reader for 20 years, Meadows has been at the EPIC since last October. She also does Tarot tea parties, Sunday afternoon high tea in Kitchener, the small town where she lives, and admits to reading her own cards two to three times a week. "Sometimes I know things I don't want to know," she said.

For my reading, which took about 20 minutes, Meadows was full of positive news. My son, she said, would be a chef, while I can look forward to adventures and exciting times ahead. Hmmm.

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