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Kathleen's 2014 Fall Lectures - Oak Bay, Victoria, BC

Kathleen will be offering two lectures at the Oak Bay Community Centre (Monterey) October 2014:

Monday September 22, 7 - 9 PM Keys to Dream Interpretation

Monday October 6, 7 - 9 PM A Glimpse into the Writings of Dr. Carl Jung

You can watch videos of these lectures on Kathleen's Youtube Channel which you can find here

Kathleen Moves to Victoria (Oak Bay District) Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

On September 4th 2013 Kathleen moved from Kitchener, Ontario to Victoria, (Oak Bay district) Vancouver Island, BC, Canada - 4900 km! In Victoria (Oak Bay) BC, Kathleen will continue her commitment to reading and teaching oracles. For more information about Kathleen visit her media page and testimonials where clients comments and feedback have been posted about her work.

Tarot Soul Retreat: Unlocking the Mystery & Wisdom of the Tarot

August 2012 Grail Springs Spa, Bancroft, Ontario Canada

This retreat was perfect for anyone intrigued and drawn to the Tarot. If you’ve ever had a Tarot reading that astounded you, you will enjoy having taken this opportunity to immerse yourself in its process. By the end of this weekend you will feel inspired to take your tarot deck out regularly for a personal consult. And you will have acquired several useful practice tools, making the process fulfilling and productive.

This retreat is also perfect for the experienced reader. This will be a place for you to explore the tarot for your personal growth and transformation. Furthermore, the skills you will learn at this retreat will enhance and deepen your process in working with others.

This Tarot retreat is a rare opportunity to focus on developing a personal relationship with the Tarot. No distractions, interruptions, or pressures typical of daily life. A magical, soulful place to be closer to nature and pampered like a child: Where your inner journey will be cradled into emergence. Opportunities to chat with others who share your excitement, evening practice classes and contemplative time whirl together a weekend whereby you’ll feel a much deeper grasp of the process than you can do on your own in your task/responsibility filled daily life.

During the evening workshops, we practiced simple Tarot readings for personal guidance, creative inspiration and making decisions. We will learn spreads and practice readings for our own personal healing and transformation. Other topics explored will include how to use the Tarot for dream interpretation, glimpsing the future and spiritual messaging.

Individual Coaching & Tutoring for Psychics

Introduction to Advanced Tarot Reading & Psychic Ability

Kathleen has been teaching the Tarot, psychic ability development and dreamwork since 1991. She began with an evening course offered through Camosun College in Victoria, B.C. and continued throughout Ontario from 1995 - 2012. She taught Tarot reading, psychic development, dream interpretation, women's spirituality, herstory of mediumship and feminine psychology.

She has individually tutored many professional and developing psychics over the years. As her work branched around the world via the Internet more people wanted her instruction but were unable to attend her classes and workshops. Thus Kathleen launched her distance coaching/tutoring options which have become increasingly popular. Kathleen offers individual professional coaching for those who wish to develop their skills to the professional level.
Email Kathleen: tarotbykathleen@gmail.com

Arrange a Tarot Reading with Kathleen

To arrange a professional Tarot reading with Kathleen, make a payment directly using your credit card below. Processing can take up to 2 hours depending on time of day and internet traffic. Once your payment has been made below email Kathleen at kathleen@tarotbykathleen.com to arrange a time to do your reading. Kathleen will respond to your payment within 24 hours to arrange an appointment time. Kathleen does NOT make appointments with clients until payments have been received. If you prefer to have your reading immediately you would be better served using the Ether method. Ether is Kathleen's immediate and emergency response service.
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