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Client's True Testimonials & Reviews

"...you were correct in a prediction you gave me"

"Dear Kathleen,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "Everything that Kathleen told me in my tarot reading has come to pass. She is very accurate. In one of my readings Kathleen said: "don't sign any legal documents tomorrow. Thanks to Kathleen I was able to avoid making a big mistake. She is one of the "real gifted" psychics! As well as being very well read and up to date in her field. In fact, she's probably adding to that body of knowledge as we speak."

Laura Lee

Personal Psychic Readings

"...you were soooo right..."

Hi Kathleen

I want to say thank you to you for giving me the courage that I needed to look at my work situation and relax, knowing that everything would be fine in the end. I was able to concentrate on taking care of myself and those that I love, instead of worrying about getting a new job.
When I saw you at the end of January, you told me that by the end of the summer I would have a new career doing something that I had not thought of in the past. You were sooooooo right, the perfect job just fell into my lap and I started yesterday. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you. Keep in touch.


"...everything you had predicted played out...."

Hi Kathleen

This is a bit of feedback for you. You may remember doing a Tarot Reading for my Granddaughter Corrie. During our Christmas celebration this year she informed me that everything you had predicted played out. She confided that she thought the reading was "right off the wall" until it all started to unfold just the way you had laid it out. She said to thank you as being prepared or aware of some of the outcomes helped immensely. So THANK YOU Kathleen for helping her "escape" some of the consequences of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Cheers Freya

"....you have no idea how accurate you were on some things...."

Kathleen, thank you so much for this afternoon!

My mom has been to many psychics in her life but she said that you were the first one that she truly felt comfortable with. You have no idea how accurate you were on some things with both of us! She has already been raving about you to all of her friends so I wouldn't be surprised if a few call you.

Thanks again and hope to be in touch in the future


"...you gave me strength..."

Hi Kathleen,

I hope you are well.
I came to see you last September - desperate, crying and completely unsure of myself. You had predicted three things for me - that my then boyfriend would try to see me after three months of me leaving him, that I would get the job in Ottawa, and that my then boyfriend would move to Montreal. Although only the last of these came true, I believe the changes I experienced since seeing you, and the subsequent changes in what I wanted out of life may have led to different outcomes from those you predicted. Still, had I never seen you I may never have walked out on my ex and realised who my true friends were - nor just how miserable I truly was in that relationship. You gave me strength. Thank you.

I'm currently ambling through life again, a little lost in direction - though happier than I was in September last year. I hope to be able to arrange a phone reading with you in the near future.

Thanks again.

"...I saw you on television a few weeks ago. You were amazing...."

Hi Kathleen; I saw you on television a few weeks ago. You were amazing. My daughter finally met someone. I think he's the one!

Thank you again, I feel so much more relaxed :))

"...I am still amazed at how accurate you described..."

Thanks Kathleen for providing me with some insight into my life and for putting my thoughts at ease... I am very impressed with what you had to tell me and I am still amazed at how accurate you described my current life and the people in it.

From Janet, phone caller on TV Show Real Women Live! May 23/09

"...I thank you so much for that life-changing experience."

My name's Melissa, I came to see you for a reading just over 3 years ago. I had just graduated from college, and was stuck in a bad job. You guided me on a path out West and I thank you so much for that life-changing experience. I find myself again at another crossroads, I know I need to change something because I feel restless and frusterated with myself. I keep trying to get out of this slump and I seem to slip right back in. I want a change, I just can't figure out what, and need your guidance again. May I please schedule another session with you?
Thanks Melissa

"...your reading was amazingly accurate."

"Hi Kathleen,

Your reading was amazingly accurate, I'm currently pregnant and you said I would be by Sept. 18th, this year or next. I found out Sept. 22nd!!!
Yeah Kathleen!"

Thank you, Lynn

Arrange an Amazing Reading with Kathleen

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If you prefer to have your reading immediately you would be better served using the Ether method. Ether is Kathleen's immediate and emergency response service.

Length of Reading

"...thank you for all of the excellent readings and guidance..."

"Hi Kathleen
Just wanted to send you off a quick note before I set off to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with you today and the reading that we did. It was so nice to be able to put a face with a name and voice and was quite amazed by the peaceful atmosphere around both yourself and your work room. When I got back and looked at my little list, I missed off a bunch of stuff, so I will remember to ask those during the next reading.

Thank you for taking the time with me and also for all of the excellent both professional readings and personal guidance you have given me since I came into contact with you."
Talk soon

"...what am amazing and insightful reader you are!"

"Hiya Kathleen!
I so enjoyed our reading and chatting with you yesterday. What an amazing and insightful reader you are! I had a very good feeling about you when I saw your website, and you are a superb reader. Literally just finished listening to our session a few minutes ago. So appreciated receiving your insights.
Blessings to you!"

"...I marked that 18th day in my calendar..."

I wanted to share something that struck me this morning...
When you read for me on the phone at the end of April (I think I was in Florida), you said "wait 18 days to contact _____ ". I marked that 18th date in my calendar...as a guide. I just noticed, that HE sent me an email last Wednesday, and that was the 18th day, I had marked. And I contacted him (as per his request in his email) on that date.
Maybe of little interest on your end...but IT really struck me for some reason.
Did I mention how excited I am that he and I are back in touch? hee hee hee (of course I did). Eventhough it's not as "in touch" as I would like to be at this point!"


"...she wanted to thank you because she just feels like she can see things..."

"Hi Kathleen,
Just wanted to thank you once again....my sister and I both enjoyed the readings on Monday, however, once again, I am still trying to absorb.
I talked to Joanne last night and she told me that she was very pleased with her reading and already felt so much clearer on what she had to do and she wanted to thank you for that. You told her that her husband was 'mourning' and at the time she didn't really know why...on Tuesday, she received a death notice in the mail of a man that her husband had lived with for two years and considered to be a father to him years ago....she also had an experience doing reiki on someone on Tuesday, and felt an added awareness of her psychic ability, again she wanted to thank you because she just feels like she can see things clearer now...
I hope this will come for me soon, thanks again from both of us."

"...I just wanted to tell you that you were absolutely right about everything..."

"Hi Kathleen
You did a reading for me a few weeks ago and I just wanted to tell you that you were absolutely right about everything you said about my dad. You said he could be ingesting something he's allergic to and doesn't know it so he keeps ingesting it and that he could be missing something. It was discovered (not until after he had another minor stroke) that he has a severe allergy to flaxseed which he has been taking 4 tablespoons of every day for the past 10 years because it is supposed to be good for you. The allergy restricted his arteries and interfered with his blood pressure medication causing his strokes. As for the missing part he has an iron deficiency and a B12 deficiency. Since you were right about both of those things he decided to take your advice and have the muscle testing. It turns out his muscular dystrophy is progressing much quicker than his doctor anticipated given the medication he is on. However the doctor who did the muscle testing told my dad about this new drug that has not been approved yet but is in the testing stages that he would be a candidate for that would allow him to walk for another 30 years. He was skeptical about it but it is monitored on a daily basis and there have been no negative side effects so far and the alternative for him is to be in a wheelchair very soon, so he is going to go ahead and try it.

I can't thank you enough for your insight into his health problems he is already feeling better, it gives me hope that you were right about me finally getting to sleep through the night in March!!! (and of course about the no 3rd baby and figuring out my new career in the summer)
Thanks again Kathleen."

"...thanks for all your guidance and support."

"Thanks Kathleen!
Things are going fantastic in my life. Thanks for all your guidance and support. I plan on coming to see you in the new year for another reading."

"next time I'm getting a full hour with you :) "

"Ashley and I wanted to thank you so much for your readings today. We talked about them the whole ride home and are still thinking about them. It was a lot of information to take in. Well thanks again and we'll see you again in the future. Next time I'm getting a full hour with you :)"

Take Care Kathleen

"...the advice you gave me was priceless."

I saw you about 4 months ago and the advice you gave me was priceless. God bless you and thank you for all your help. At the time I asked you if I should go to a certain course that I had in my mind and in my heart. You told me that I HAVE TO GO TO THIS CERTAIN COURSE. I took the course and I am now a practicing Hypnotherapist but I chose to only focus on Past Life Regression. I have now taken two past-life regression courses and I love the effect it has on the healing of my clients.
Looking forward to seeing you "
Ruth McRae

"You totally rock!!!!!"

"Hi Kathleen,
You did a tarot reading for me earlier this year at Ingrid Hamilton's tea at the Fairmont. I'm just letting you know that you really nailed it!
You told me I'd have to make a sacrifice, detach myself from something in the past - to move on to something really good. Which might seem to sour, but then I'd move on to something so spectacular it would be like winning the lottery.
So I sold my car - I've had my own car since I was 19 and I was very attached to this particular one - a big sacrifice. It took a few months, but I got a contract at a fun job, which looked promising. At the same time, Barbra Streisand announced she was going on tour and coming to Toronto - I'm the world's biggest Streisand fan and for her to come to Toronto, well, was amazing.

I then found out about a better job - the one I have now at Baycrest, which is a place I've always really admired. And got another car.
IAnd so in one week - I got a new car, saw Barbra Streisand and started a new job. If I'd won the lottery, I couldn't have been any happier.
You totally rock!!!!!"
Krystyna Lagowsk

"I recommend Kathleen without reservation for all the things you are looking for."

" I recommend Kathleen without reservation for all of the things you are looking for. I have continued my relationship with her as my Tarot instructor (Beginning and Intermediate) and soon to do the Advanced for Certification!

I have also taken a psychic development class. So you see - that first and subsequent readings have proven accurate and enlightening and opened a door for further personal growth and psychic development "on my own"!
Shelley Adams

"Kathleen Meadows is an amazing Tarot Grandmaster!"

I really enjoyed speaking with you last night. I must admit that while I'm open to extrasensory perception and have had my own experiences with it, I have encountered charlatans along the way which has raised my antennae for future experiences. With that said, I was absolutely thrilled that you picked up on my *exact* thoughts...especially when I was originally assuming conflict would be with a male and then I abruptly changed my mind believing it would be a female. You took the words right out of my mind!!!

I appreciated your wisdom and the insight I gained from learning (or being reminded) about the importance of *normalizing* events.

I told my parents about our reading and I'm going to encourage them to contact you. I may even pay for it, because I know that at the moment in my dad's condition he worries.

In any event, I wanted to thank you for your warm and insightful reading. While I enjoyed the entire reading, I feel that I derived the most value in my *aha* moment of realizing what I must do next. I want to do a good job!!!

Thanks again. I will keep in touch!"

"I would highly recommend Kathleen, this lady is dynamite.
She is so accurate!"

Reading Tarot Cards"Hi Kathleen...my name is Meghan Kennel.
I came to see you last February for a reading at your apartment, at the time I was feeling down and out to say the least. I had recently suffered a miscarriage and was hoping to get pregnant, I was worried I wouldn't be able to again?? One of my main questions was when would I get pregnant again?? You had told me all would be well... that I was healthy and there was nothing to worry about. You said I would get pregnant in the next 3 to 4mnths........ As you predicted and as the cards read I became pregnant in May and I am expected to give birth within the first 2 weeks of February. We spoke of some other things such as my husbands position at work and if he would be promoted......that also came into play as you had predicted and he was promoted in the spring. All and all, most of the things that we had discussed came about as you/ and the cards said they would. I thought I would send you this quick email update just to let you know how things came about. My husband and I tried to find out the sex of the baby but had no luck.......legs where in the way!!! I have been thinking of possibly booking another appointment with you to discuss this up-coming change in my life. email me back if you get a chance and maybe we could arrange a time??" Thanks again for all your help.

"Thank you for the reading this morning on the phone."

"Thankyou for the reading this morning on the phone. You were very helpfull in confirming things I felt I knew but needed confirmation and also insight into things I wasnt aware of. Very helpfull.
Thanks "

"...all of the things you said are unfolding before my eyes. Unbelievable!"

I had a reading with you in the spring with a few of my friends at a tea house in Kitchener across from the Kitchener market. This was you right? If so , all of the things you said are unfolding before my eyes. Unbelievable! I would like to book another afternoon with a few friends. Will you be back there?"

"Unparalleled accuracy, in my experience."

"I would highly recommend Kathleen, this lady is dynamite. She is so accurate. Before her I tried a few other psychic's and they were way off; she was the only one that right away saw the people and problems in my life, this totally blew me away, she also gave a time frame as to when things would occur. But, what surprised me the most is her accurate description of the person and what they were going through, things only I would of known. I highly recommend this lady if you want a great, accurate reading. Also, she is such a kind hearted soul, she puts you right at ease. A great reading. A great lady."
Karen "Kathleen Meadows is an amazing tarot master! Unparalleled accuracy, in my experience. But of greater significance to

"I believe that Kathleen is a master at what she does!"

Psichology and Tarot Readings

"Her desire to create session which are empowering..."

"I can speak firsthand of Kathleen's integrity and honesty as a tarot reader and as a person in general. Her desire to create sessions which are empowering, uplifting, and constructive to her readees is deep and true. She and I have engaged in many discussions about tarot, spirituality, the Goddess, and so much more. Her mindset is one of egalitarianism, healthy curiosity, and of being a helpful attendant to people's journeys.

I can also speak as one who has experienced a tarot consultation with Kathleen. She employed a beautiful deck (Wise Woman's Tarot) and a rich tarot layout (the Dark Goddess Spread by Christine Jette). This combination, along with Kathleen's background in both psychology and tarot, made for a rich session that gave me a wonderful "aha" moment which I was able to implement in very real ways in my life."
James Wells

"I have trusted her expertise many times before and will happily..."

"I have known Kathleen Meadows for a few years now. She has been my personal tarot reader and my tarot teacher. Her code of ethics, which she thoroughly taught us in her classes, is of the utmost respect for the client, the reader, and the cards themselves. Her multifaceted knowledge is extremely helpful when it comes to give meaning to the complex patterns of a human life as unraveled in a reading. I have trusted her expertise many times before and will happily continue to do so. Her professionalism and positive energy would be very enriching assets for any project she would get involved in."

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to do so.
Judith Sanchez

"I always head home with valuable wisdom and a smile."

"Words cannot fully express my accolades for Kathleen. My readings are a shared experience not only from what the cards reveal but Kathleen's knowledge of the Tarot (different layouts and decks) to answer those life questions. I appreciate my annual visits not only to gain insight with Divination but because I have fun. Yes fun!! I always head home with valuable wisdom and a smile. Which reminds me.... I need to reserve a time very soon. I cannot believe it has been over a year!!!"

Thank you and please do not hesitate to contact me.
Chantal Thiel

"...you have the concern for your clients..."

"I didn't mean to take advantage of you, you have been so kind to me, not just the Psychic, not just to do reading for people, but you have the concern for your clients, I appreciated very much of how you answer me promptly every time I have questions for you, you have been telling me so clear about the situation. And all these are from my heart." "There's been lots of changes with a couple of the gals I brought to sit with you at this last reading at the Fairmont, and they are still on a high from it. I think this is so wonderful."

"Kathleen you're the most respected and renowned Tarot card reader in this community!"

"Thank you for the wonderful readings you offered all four of us. You have given us much food for thought. We hope to be back next year for more insightful readings."
Thanks again, Linda

Tarot Card Reading by Kathleen Meadows -  Certified Psychic and Grandmaster Tarot Reader & Teacher

"Thanks again for the wonderful readings today - you always start our special days on the right note! I am going to review my Tarot card reading from today and the one from my birthday, and I think I'm going to start a journal of them and right them down, and begin to try to remember and record my dreams to see if I can make sense of it all :) I expect I'll be back to see you in a couple of months - Kathleen therapy really helps me! And! I have to share a glowing experience with you - I was in Wordsworth bookstore on Thursday night to order the Tarot book you recommended in your news letter, and the person working at Wordsworth asked me if I heard of you as you're the most respected and renowned Tarot card reader in this community. I told her not only had I heard of you, but I see you, and would highly recommend you to anyone interested in a reading. I thought that was pretty cool!"
Take care,

"Kathleen, you are a rare jewel!"

"Kathleen, you are a rare jewel! I wish to thank you for your support and encouragement. I can not hide who I really am and be true to myself. I have you to thank for that."

"I would love to do another reading."

"I met you for the first time this past Thursday at Tea & Tarot at the Royal York. I really enjoyed the tarot reading. As the time went by so fast I don't remember everything that we discussed. I would love to do another reading. Would it be okay to arrange to do that by e-mail or is it better to do it in person? Look forward to hearing from you."
Thanks Jill

"I have referred you to numerous of my friends by and will be back..."

"The reading I had with you was great and even if this is not me you are talking about, I'd like you to know, that my reading was also a complete experience!!! I have referred you to numerous of my friends by now and will be back (when the time is right) for yet another reading. I wish I had more time to continue studying the tarot, but somehow life just keeps happening and time is always short for me. :o( "
Kerstin Kramer

Kathleen is a One-of-a-Kind Reader and Teacher of Psychic Practice

"I saw you recently at the Royal York..."

"My friends and I recently saw you at the Royal York - you were great! (This was my third time so I already knew this!)"

"...I will definitely keep you in mind for other funtions, both personal..."

"I just wanted to send another quick thank you for last night. Everyone who participated had a blast. I run lots of events each year so I will definitely keep you in mind for other functions, both personal and public."
Peace, Love & Latex! Phil The Silly People

"...spending time with you was enlightening, and liberating."

"I wanted to thank you for a wonderful afternoon yesterday - spending time with you was enlightening, and in a way, liberating. I'm hoping to arrange another reading with you, so we can delve a little deeper into some of the areas we started to cover. Please let me know what your availability is like, and hopefully we can meet again soon."

Take care,
Victoria Director, Communications

"...I still am in awe about how you captured all the dynamics of my current..."

"Hello Kathleen, I still am in awe about how you captured all the dynamics of my current quandary in the CARDS And WOW is all I can say. Well I mentioned that I was pursuing a job of all jobs and had an interview for this position earlier that day which was not scheduled when I had made my appointment with you. I was very ambiguous with my initial question "Insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting the same results but will it be different this time?"

The reading was suggesting an unfavourable outcome but when the interview was factored in, the cards were promising. Then when the question if I will get this job was directly asked An ACE of Pentacles came up and on Friday I was offered the position!!! What a positive and delightful outcome, Take care Kathleen and thanks again!!!"
Chantal Thiel

"You have given us much food for thought."

"Thank you for the wonderful readings you offered all four of us. You have given us much food for thought. We hope to be back next year for more insightful readings."

Thanks again,
Linda Damore London

"With you I do feel that you care and want to really help..."

"Hello Kathleen I have also been meaning to tell you about the last reading that you did for me, it has been soo helpful. It is amazing and as I moved in my journey I was able to put pieces of the puzzle together. For example you said "what needs healing" and you said my dreams. And I realized that I had not made any yearly goals in the last couple of years. and I got a book for Christmas "by coincidence" called "Ask and it is given" and it is all about taking the time to create with joy. so that was so amazing because all of that tied in with what I needed to learn on a bigger picture level and I have been able to help so many people with it too.

With you I do feel that you care and want to really help by being excellent at what you do."
Hugs Lise

Tarot Reading by Kathleen Meadows

"I wanted to thank you for your guidance..."

"Hi Kathleen I'm not sure if you remember the two Tarot card readings you did for me before last Friday (was it only a week ago?) on in February and one on April 1 - in both I asked about my mother. Both readings indicated she and I would be at peace by the summer solstice.

I wanted to let you know my Mum passed away yesterday. She fell last Sunday and fractured her hip and slipped away over the course of a few days. Just as the cards described it. I've told both my sisters about the Oracles warning in my readings - the 5 of Wands - about the possibility of conflict and told both of them the card is a minor Arcana card - not our fate but a warning to us to work together.

I wanted to Thank You for your guidance, and also ask you if you're available for a one hour reading next Monday or Tuesday morning. I'm hoping not to return to work until Thursday next week, and would like some guidance about my relationship, which is still confusing me and causing me much stress, following this life dividing moment.

Thank you Kathleen. Talk to you soon! "
Margaret J. Cinel

"You ALWAYS tell me about things in great detail before they happen!"

"Regarding Kathleen: Kathleen Meadows is an M.A. graduate of the Department of Religion and Culture at Wilfrid Laurier University. She brought life and wisdom to the classroom, and was admired by her colleagues. Kathleen has my strong support."
Dr. Michel Desjardins
Professor, Department of Religion and Culture Wilfrid Laurier University

"...a valuable academic in the study of religion and culture."

"Kathleen and I studied religions and their impact on culture and society at Wilfrid Laurier University. Kathleen's influences were the theories of Jung and Marion Woodman, and mine the French poststructural school. By combining our efforts we developed a strong base for the study of religion.

Kathleen Meadows studies, teaches and writes about religion in a creative and original fashion - shifting, reshaping and extending the paradigm. This makes her a valuable academic in the study of religion and culture. "

Darlene Juschka, Ph.D.
Co-ordinator and Professor of Women's Studies, University of Regina

"I don't know what else could've given me the same help..."

"Kathleen's Tarot Reading was just what I needed at a turning point in my life.

My educational path ceremoniously concluded shortly after the Tarot Reading at my Convocation. The Chancellor of the University hooded me on the centre of the stage, and asked me about my future plans.

"Teach," I replied. He asked what I would teach. "Math ... and media," I replied.

I wasn't sure how I was going to apply the principles of my vision quest to my everyday life, but my impromptu answers during the ceremony told me all I needed to know. I credit Kathleen's Tarot Reading with helping me answer a question from a place deep within me, a place in harmony with my purpose in life and with life in general. I don't know what else could've given me the same help in finding that place as did Kathleen's Reading. "
Greg Macdougall
Shaman, Educator, Media Activist

"I gave your information to a couple of people who are interested in a reading."

"Thanks for the wonderful experience last night. We all really enjoyed ourselves and definitely left with lots to think about. Mandy and Destiny probably stayed up half the night last night going over what was said, they thought it was really wonderful. I gave your information to a couple of people who are interested in a reading and gave you a really high recommendation. I think that Wendy may be contacting you to book an appointment. "
Geraldine Sweeney

Tarot Cards Readings by Psychic Reader Kathleen Meadows

"Kathleen's readings are skilled, insightful..."

"I have known Kathleen for many years and have always appreciated her gift for working with dreams. Her Tarot Readings are equally skilled, insightful and thought-provoking. Kathleen asked me to shuffle the deck and place it in front of her. She turned the cards over, one by one, and explained the significance of each and how they related to different aspects of my life. She skillfully interpreted them based on years of studying Jungian psychology, dream symbols and other wisdom teachings.

I was amazed by the timeliness and relevance of the reading to my current situation. I felt empowered by the insights and still refer back to them from time to time in order to remind myself of the bigger picture.

Kathleen's Tarot Reading rates "3 hugs" of gratitude. I have a deeper understanding of myself and how I can make the most of my current circumstances for personal growth."
Deborah Evans

"Kathleen's knowledge of the Tarot is amazing."

"Over the years I picked up a few decks and a variety of books on the Tarot, but would quit a short while later in frustration. Under Kathleen's tutelage, the fog began to lift. Her approach to the fundamentals of card reading is methodical yet very understanding. I learned the significance, meaning, history and 'story' of the Tarot.

Kathleen's knowledge of the Tarot is amazing. I would have given up without her, but I plan to continue the pursuit of the Tarot with her guidance. "

Randy Farrell Reflexologist/Reiki

"...I must thank you for our fascinating reconnection this year and the wonderful reading I enjoyed."

Hi Kathleen,
I must thank you for our fascinating reconnection this year and the wonderful reading I enjoyed at your place.  I have definitely been able to make use of the information you were able to interpret for me and have gained so much energy and synchronicity of events that I have just bought myself a beautiful little bungalow from which I will be working and living and giving workshops!  Well, thanks again for the wonderful connection with you.  I have had more than a few opportunities to tune up my awareness in the last few months due to the reading. Hope you have a great day!   

With gratitude and appreciation, Beth

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