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Performing a Psychic Tarot Reading for a Client

Private Reading by Kathleen MeadowsThere are several key components to doing a life altering psychic tarot reading for a client. The reader becomes a combination of storyteller, guide, and spiritual advisor to the client. Melding classic and esoteric knowledge of the Tarot with psychic ability, produces a life changing evaluation and assessment of the patterns presently at work in a client's life and where these energies are taking the client into the future.

Tarot Reading Sacred Space

In Kathleen's reading space, you will typically observe the following items in addition to the Tarot cards:

About Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading Mat/Cloth

Kathleen's tarot reading mat provides a beautiful frame and boundary for the Tarot reading layout. It showcases the Cards and boundaries a surface upon which the reading is taking place. It conveys a sacred message that this is a special event, which is deeply honoured and respected.

Crystals & Pendulum

Kathleen has several divination items in her reading space including a large crystal ball that she uses primarily for meditiation and contemplation. Also included on her table are several pendulums for quick "yes", "no" queries, Chinese divination sticks, and rune and Goddess stones.

Layout: How the Tarot Cards are Positioned

Experienced readers have a clear recall in the meanings of their cards, the placements of the cards in a layout pattern, and how to read the client's story as it unfolds from one card to the next in the layout. One of the keys to understanding and interpreting the relationship between the cards in a layout is how the primary elements in each card interact with each other.

Kathleen uses several layouts depending on the questions asked by the client. There is no all-size-fits-all layouts in the Tarot.

Make an Appointment to Have a Reading with Kathleen

To easily arrange a phone or text or web cam reading you can make a payment directly using your credit card below. Processing can take up to 2 hours depending on time of day and internet traffic. Once your payment has been made below email Kathleen at kathleen@tarotbykathleen.com to arrange a time to do your reading. Kathleen will respond to your payment within 24 hours to arrange an appointment time. Kathleen does NOT make appointments with clients until payments have been received.

If you prefer to have your reading immediately you would be better served using the Ether method. Ether is Kathleen's immediate and emergency response service.

Length of Reading

Helping You Formulate Questions

Some questions are easier to address in a reading. Consider questions beginning with what, where, how, and why. There are a number of methodologies Tarotists use to determine the "when" of an event.
  • The season of the card (ie. Wands are summer, Cups are fall, Pentacles are winter and Swords are spring),
  • Cups are minutes and days, Wands are weeks, Swords are months and Pentacles are years
  • The number of the card indicates how many minutes, days, weeks, months and years.

Personal Tarot Card Reading by Kathleen Meadows
Few methods are 100% reliable. Time is irrelevant in the spirit world! All time IS NOW in spirit which is why it's crucial to be in the present moment to be able to read accurately.

Vast Time

The Tarot works on what one Tarotist refers to as "vast time". When we focus, carry ourselves deeply into the cards, and open our inner listening ear, we tune into this "vast time" dimension. What we perceive may be an event, feeling, or insight that has happened and is relevant to our present and future experiences. We enter a realm where past, present and future all exist at the same time.

Formulating a Tarot Reading Question

A client is not required to ask a question. If a client doesn't choose to ask a question they are faced with the complex task of translating the messages conveyed into something that makes sense in their lives. If they do ask a question, that translation work is done for them throughout the reading.

Overall the reading is far more effective and accurate when the reader is able to establish an interactive style of reading with a client who is open to asking questions.

Questions with a yes/no answer are especially difficult for Tarot interpretation:

Better suited questions are,
"What do I need to pay attention to in my relationship with _________?"
"What will the outcome be if I do ____________?"
"What am I supposed to learn from this?"
"What am I not seeing in this situation?"
If you or your client is making a choice between 2 things then you might do 2 small readings – one for each choice.

Laying Out the Tarot Cards

The 3 card layout, past, present and future are helpful for a quick reading to address a single question. In a one hour reading at least 2 layouts are done and a second deck is spread out to pull single cards to answer specific questions.


Divining messages from the spirit world involves a kind of reverse perception where one has to see the whole picture and work from the whole to the particular. Simultaneously the diviner must be aware that the whole is composed of particulars. This is the challenge of reading. A reader looks at the whole pattern – breaking it down into its particulars and at the same time see how the particulars make up the whole. A complex process that takes many years of study to perfect!


Telling a good story is as a rather complex skill. Proceeding slowly, the reader must take time to reflect deeply upon each card. Serene in both promise and threat, the outcome card stands alone. If the outcome card appears frightening, then a reader must look back over the reading for the direction for change which will be suggested in other sections of the layout.

Kathleen always glances at the bottom card of the deck at the very end of the reading. It's typically a significant comment yet it was not destined to be in the reading proper. It represents another consideration, an afterword, an extension. It surprising how often it turns out to be the most appropriate comment to the client!

Example: The Bottom Tarot Card Affirms Success

Following a reading for an executive at the Royal York Hotel before being invited to read in their High Tea venue, Kathleen quickly glanced at the bottom card. It was the Mother of Cups which in the deck she was reading (Haindl) was the Venus of Willendorf! As soon as she saw this card, she felt a warm glow all around her and felt that Star confidence that the reading had been a success. Shortly after this reading she was invited to read weekly at the Royal York Hotel's Epic Dining Room. Press releases were sent out from the Royal York Hotel about Kathleen's upcoming debut at the Royal York's Epic Dining Room as their resident psychic! The press went mad with excitement and Kathleen enjoyed unprecedented success doing readings for High Tea customers.

Kathleen asked the client, "I'm looking at the Mother of Cups. You wouldn't happen to be pregnant would you?" The client laughed and said no.

A year later she called to say that she was now pregnant! A total, joyous surprise! She remembered however, Kathleen's comment at her reading a year earlier and she wanted another one done right away. The power of that bottom card can never be overestimated.

A Perfect Psychic Tarot Reader/Client Fit

All Tarot readers are unique in personality, gifts and experience. A willingness to be open to the process by interacting and participating will definitely foster a deeper connection between the psychic tarot reader and client. Kathleen doesn't encourage curiosity seekers or skeptics to come to her for a reading. From experience Kathleen knows her best results are garnered when the client enthusiastically shares her world view and feelings throughout the reading. Kathleen's most satisfied clients are ones who are spiritual seekers with an open mind.

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