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Using Psychic Ability Takes Reading Tarot to a New Level

For almost 40 years people have been asking me, "What are Tarot cards? Is that all you do, is Tarot? How do you know these things?"

The best way to describe what I do is called “scrying”. Scrying has been done for millennia by Cybelles, Druids, Priestesses, Shamans and Seers. These roles were assigned to those who expressed the gift at an early age and were apprenticed to a more experienced member of the tribe for further training and guidance.

There are as many different scrying methods as there are cultures. From water or crystal ball gazing, to throwing bones, coins and melted wax individual scryers will modify aspects of the method they use to suit their own needs. Some invent entirely new techniques. No matter how they may differ however, scryers rely on the same basic mechanism.

Scryer Frame of Mind

The scryer concentrates awareness upon some physical object, or uses a preset series of mental or physical actions in order to bring about a receptive mental state capable of receiving information gathered by the deep mind. Ordinary consciousness blocks the reception of this scried information. That is why it is so rare to get an extrasensory perception when we are engaged in our ordinary day-to-day activities. When we scry (no matter which method we use) we induce a receptive state of consciousness. We also instruct the deep mind that we are willing and prepared to receive information that has not been obtained through our five senses.

Why Ask Questions in a Tarot Reading?

If you do not specify a particular type of information you wish to receive, you may receive anything. Some of it possibly irrelevant to you. In some cases you may even difficulties determining what the symbol conveyed means. This is why I encourage clients to ask questions or at least give me some idea of the theme they would like me to focus upon.

Scryers Do Not Need Psycho-Props

Scrying does not depend on objects such as crystal balls or tarot cards or a black mirror. These are aids to scrying, nothing more. In themselves they have no power. A gifted scryer can scry with nothing but her own mind. The tools do not enable scrying in themselves, but they help create a favourable mental condition that encourages the formation of the necessary receptive state of consciousness.

With practice, a particular object like tarot cards, can act as the perfect trigger or key that induces in a few moments the desired mindstate for scrying. The tools of the scryer acquire power for that scryer through repeated use. Unfortunately those same tools will not have power for another person, since that person has not formed conditioned reflex patterns that allow those tools to act as triggers to induce receptive awareness.

Tarot Readers Frame of Mind During a Reading

A Tarot reader moves into an altered consciousness, sometimes referred to as a "flow" state. Attention, activity, and involvement are intensely focused without regard for a particular objective. The self-forgetfulness concentrates skill, knowledge, and subliminal awareness at the service of the patterns that emerge in answer to the client’s question. What results is a highly creative state of mind that dissociates from the normal personalities involved to weave new patterns and stories through a heightened awareness. Tarot reading is a game, played with symbols ("archetypal Tinkertoys") that have a more than personal power. The results of this game include a feeling of connection and spiritual renewal as well as astoundingly accurate predictions. It develops your ability to see yourself as part of a great interconnected whole, an awareness of spirit moving in and through the events of your daily life.

Tarot reading is a practice that enhances one's psychic abilities because it opens the psyche to forces and information that is not available through normal means.

Arrange a Reading with Kathleen

To arrange a professional Tarot reading with Kathleen, make a payment directly using your credit card below. Processing can take up to 2 hours depending on time of day and internet traffic. Once your payment has been made below email Kathleen at kathleen@tarotbykathleen.com to arrange a time to do your reading. Kathleen will respond to your payment within 24 hours to arrange an appointment time. Kathleen does NOT make appointments with clients until payments have been received. If you prefer to have your reading immediately this can be done using the Ether method. Ether is Kathleen's immediate and emergency response service.
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Enhance Your Psychic Ability

Be fully in the present

The more you are in the present the more able you are to tap into a "broader" reality – the reality that exists in a timeless, fluid, unseen world.

Nurture a sense of play with your developing psychic ability

Laughter, joy, joking, curiosity all enhance psychic ability. Just as our dreams use make use of irony, jokes and simile to get their point across, our psychic sense makes leaps forward when we open our hearts, drop our "serious" attitude towards ourselves, and play with it.

Develop excellent listening skills

As you listen to others more carefully, the better your ability will be able to listen to your own inner self with better acuity.

Put trust in your intuition. Listening to your inner voice, and say and do things that affirm, and validate the information you've received. For example, you have an intuition that your mother has something to say to you – call her immediately and tell her about your feelings and you’ll be surprised at how accurate and timely your intuitive information was!!

Practice going into someone else's space.

Imagine what it is like to actually be in another's body. Feel the sensations, thoughts and feelings and then share your insights with that person. Practice with friends and family who are receptive to developing their own psychic abilities.

Take an attitude of openness, and strive to be non-judgmental.


Meditate everyday. It doesn’t have to be long, or complicated. Practice a walking meditation or while you are bathing.

Surround yourself with symbols – especially symbols that represent your developing psychic ability

For example, totems, spiritual icons, art – this will constellate a deeper relationship with the unseen world. Make an art project depicting a powerful dream you've had and put it in a central place in your home.

Begin a Psychic Journal

Document psychic experiences – remember to date your intuitions and write in the follow up when it happens.

Keep your 4 primary elements in balance, and maintain a full awareness of them. Fire, (intuition, passion, action) water, (love, flow, receptivity) earth, (practicality, grounding, body awareness) and air (breath, objectivity, intellectual stimulation). When these elements are out of balance in our daily lives this will impact on your ability to perceive and act upon information from the unseen world.

Developing your psychic ability will enrich your life in more ways than you can imagine! It would take volumes to describe all the benefits. Most significantly, developing your psychic ability will bridge your unconsciousness to consciousness, deepen your faith, spuryour spiritual development, and guide you to your divine life purpose on this planet.

Kathleen's Coaching to Magical Readership

Kathleen does offer one on one coaching and counseling with new and developing psychics who wish to develop their psychic ability and practice. If you are interested in becoming a professional psychic advisor contact Kathleen by email.

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