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Health Related Questions

Tarot Reading for Health Related Concerns

One lovely Spring Sunday afternoon, a woman in her '70's asked of the Tarot, "How will my health be over the coming year?" I used a six card spread to address this woman's health question.

In the position of "what's challenging you," I turned up the 4 disks. In classic divinatory meaning, the 4 of Disks points to the "power of the earth". It is clearly a card bespeaking of excellent health, grounded ness, wholeness and solidity. It would be obvious to read this card simply as, what is challenging this woman now is excellent health! But that wouldn’t be conveying any information that this woman doesn't already possess. First and foremost, as Mary Greer, a world renown expert on the Tarot would say, the Tarot reading should present the client with information she doesn't already know.

Alexandra Genetti, author and artist of the Tarot deck I was using, painted 4 apples cut in half to represent 4 Disks. Behind the 4 large apples is a background rich with beautiful apple blossoms in full bloom. It appropriately conveys a meaning of a lush harvest, delicious sweet aroma, and a glorious spring day.

I said to this client, "I'm looking at four apples. What do apples mean to you?"

She shrugged, and leaned in curiously for a closer look at the card.

I free associated aloud with apples, "Crisp, juicy, sweet… ", then suddenly it occurred to me. I asked this woman, "Do your health problems have anything to do with sugar?"

She looked at me astonished and a little abashed, and said, "Well yes. I have been eating a lot of sweets lately. I like baking for my friends and family and over the past year I've put on more than 50 pounds!"

Tarot Reading Points to Excessive Sugar Consumption

I looked across at this woman who was plump but certainly not morbidly obese. I thought she must have been underweight before gaining this amount of weight which undoubtedly meant this weight would have put an extraordinary burden on her body. She also looked quite tired which excessive amounts of sugar can certainly cause.

I said, "I think the cards are presenting this area as a serious health challenge for you and for your health to improve you must address this in your diet." She agreed and said she would work hard to curb this addiction to sweets.

She thanked me for the reading and returned to her "High Tea" fare which unfortunately is replete with cakes and cookies! Her outcome card had been very favourable however, so I had a strong sense that these cakes may be her last for at least a while!

Tarot Reading Highlights Often What we Already Know but are Denying

Although this woman was well aware that she had been ingesting more sugar than her system could manage, and it's effects were devastating on her health, it took a Tarot reading by a stranger for her to fully acknowledge the dire consequences of her choices. And this is not at all an uncommon phenomenon! We all know what's good and bad for our health, certainly a 50 pound weight gain in a year is obviously not a good thing unless we are severely underweight, but when it comes to applying what we know we can all be a little slow. It's amazing what little nudge from the psychic realm can do to adjust our motivation.

Uncanny Ability to Intuit What Health Issue Needs to be Addressed

I often do health readings for clients. Certainly these readings do not replace a diagnosis and treatment forwarded by a health professisonal or healer, however they do offer an often fascinating comment on what is really going on in the client's body. I have a natural intuitive ability to sense what a body is saying that the client may not have been able to interpret accurately on their own. Through a combination of dream interpretation, reading and psychic ability I do possess an uncanny ability to help clients make changes to improve their health.


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