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Hi Sister Bird – I always appreciate your emails and I'm especially delighted with this new one. I hope all is well with you. I’m back in the loop and able to type now with a soft cast or two. Sending warm thoughtsand hugs in gratitude for your wisdom that you so generously share with me andothers.
Lovingly, Kristin

Hi Kathleen, I continue to enjoy receiving and reading your ezine. I find your single subject easy to read, always well written, very interesting and always applicable to "spiritual happenings of the day.I must comment on May's piece. Your latest writing is so timely and applicable I can hardly stand it. Love & Light, Joseph Bonneville

I love your monthly psychic news letter by the way. I honestly get excited to read it when it comes to my email. I get my coffee and make sure i have quiet time to sit down and enjoy it. Geraldine Sweeney

I enjoy reading your ezines very much. They are always timely and they contain relevant information that affects me directly. Laurie Voigt

At the beginning of each month, since August 2003, Kathleen e-posts a Newsletter to stay in touch with clients and students of the esoteric. It's a single page newsletter highlighted with reflections on spiritual development, psychic ability research, quotes, videos and recommended reading from well-written, credible books.

Subcribers are Amazed at the Appropriateness of Message

Every month Kathleen is swamped by emails from subscribers commenting on how oddly synchronistic her topic resonates for them in their lives on the morning they read her newsletter. When the ezine is a day late subscribers are emailing to ask where it is. This E-Psychic magazine is not a forum for advertising. It is designed to keep clients and students abreast of Kathleen's activities, insights, courses, lectures and lessons.

If you would like to receive your own copy of the psychic sciences Newsletter please press the subscribe link at the top of this page and Kathleen will make sure you are included in her subscrption list. Don't forget to add tarotbykathleen@gmail.com to your contact list to prevent the e-zine from landing in your spam folder.

Exerpt from Recent Issue

"Many people who are new to psychic readings don't understand the difference between what a psychic tarot reader does and what other types of psychic advisers do for clients. Psychic is the generic term for all of what us kooks are rather famous and/or infamous for – accessing information through a mysterious, unseen reality. Tarot cards are a divination tool much like stones, bones, sticks, coins and tea leaves. Other methodologies for accessing this unseen reality would include a crystal ball, psychometry (holding an object belonging to the client), body energy (such as putting hands on back of neck and forehead) and palm reading."

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