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www.psychicanada.com You will be introduced to Cora L.V. Richmond. More articles about Dr. Carl Jung and Dr. Carl Wickland, Spiritualism and women's spirituality.

www.dreamsdictionary.org Kathleen has been facilitating dream study groups off and on since 1990 at healing and wellness centres, community colleges and centres. Her interest in symbolism, archetypal and transpersonal psychology is especially highlighted in her work as a dream interpreter. She authored this dream dictionary years ago on the heels of developing a dreamworking card set called DreamQuest Cards. If you wish to have your dream interpreted by Kathleen personally you can arrange to have an interpretation by phone or text chat or if you are in the Victoria, BC area, with her in person.

www.psychickathleen.com Years of past issues of Kathleen's monthly e-psychic newletters are posted plus up-to-date news about Kathleen's life. The blog site is titled, Confessions of a Psychic.

www.youtube.com/psychickathleen Kathleen's youtube videos have been posted here including media interviews and clips from her courses and lectures.

www.tarotbykathleen.com More about Kathleen and her Tarot Reading. This is Kathleen's global site.

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Tarot by Kathleen Kathleen has been reading for clients all over the world in person, by phone, and chat with mind altering accuracy. She holds a Master's Degree in the Psychology of Religion with special emphasis on women's unique, spiritual journey to enlightenment.

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