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"Hi Kathleen,
I just wanted to thank you for coming to speak to the class on Thursday. Your presentation was excellent and I learned some things myself which is great. In fact, the points that you raised regarding the problems spiritualism presents for organized religion were excellent and I am going to follow up with the class on those. They are broadly applicable to the western metaphysical tradition. I have no doubt that I will refer back to your talk many times before the course is through. Thanks again!"

Siobhan, Professor of Religion and Culture, Wilfrid Laurier University

What Does the Tarot Teaches Us About Soul?

Tarot is comprised of a series of pictures which graphically depict and explain our Soul's journey to realization, knowledge and wisdom. Most of us after a few decades of experience suspect that our soul is brought by spirit to embodiment here on the earth plane for a reason. Surely this isn't just an abysmally bad cosmic joke?

There must be something that embodiment reveals that our soul is unable to grasp any other way? In form we experience contrariness, selfishness, limitation, and suffering. We experience desire, will and decision. In spiritual terms this is translated into force, discrimination, and magnetism. If we didn't have an opportunity to experience the consequences of our soul-force we wouldn't perceive the light of right purpose and co-operation.

Spiritual Laws in the Tarot

The Tarot is rich with teachings about these spiritual laws. Be careful what you wish for! Your desires will comprise the bars of your prisons. Pay attention to all your perceptions especially those that come to you through your spiritual perceptions such as dreams and visions. That's why it has been well documented that an indepth study of the Tarot will open these special doors of spiritual perception. Why as a divination tool, it holds a special power in lighting your present path.

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If you wish to study with Kathleen she does do one-on-one tutoring by distance or in person in Victoria BC Canada. Read more about Kathleen's Tutoring/Coaching on the Tarot Advanced Page. At this time Kathleen is not offering group classes.

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