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Learning to Read the Tarot for Others

The Intermediate Tarot reading course shifts the student's focus to practically learning to read the Tarot. Once the Tarot Cards have been memorized and understood intellectually, you must next embrace the challenge of translating the meaning of the card, to reading it in a meaningful and magical way for self and others. Kathleen's program offers unique insight into this fascinating art.

Topics covered at the Intermediate Level

Story-telling, and active listening.

The various components of being skilled reader, such as, aesthetics, attentiveness, and insight

The psychology of readers and clients coming for readings.

A deeper connection to the spiritual messages, and their impact on self and others.

Live readings by Intermediate Students and critiqued by Kathleen.

Intermediate to the Tarot Final Exam (example only - real exam much longer)

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Kathleen always hands out final exams which are typically in a take-home format. The students take their exams home on the second to last class and either return their completed exam by email or bring it to the final class. An incompleted exam would mean no Certificate of Completion would be issued. An incomplete beginners final exam would mean the student would not be free to take the Intermdiate Level.

What elements (ie. Fire/Water) in a spread are compatible? What elements are oppositional each other? Please explain why using examples.


Magician (air) and Strength (fire) Air would feed Fire and increase it’s abilities. The presences of the Magician in the same spread (in a positive position) as Strength would give the Strength all that much more power of increased intuitive and persuasive abilities.


Strength (fire) and the Chariot (water) the Chariot following the Strength card would dampen the fire of Strength and would lessen the abilities of intuition and the ability to control the savage beast with persuasion and in fact endanger Strength as her abilities help her tame the Lion and he would have the power, making her timid.

What are the foundation/primary positions central in any spread?

Usually Present SELF plays the central role, which is the basis for all readings. What role the person is playing with the surroundings and how this will unfold. The present tense of the situations sit balanced in the middle awaiting the mystery to unfold surrounding them and usually they are in the middle of the balancing act we all play regarding our past and future and granted this is a delicate balance, it suits the essence of how we live and how we know what we are is real and we are living in the present. All that surrounds us is the journey we take. Just like the typical crossroads in movies too(like we were discussing in class).

What are the key components great story telling?

1) A good plot- keeps our attention
2) An element which changes us- things we can relate to
3) Believable characters- ones we can imagine ourselves to be or that we are
4) Change which unfolds over time- e.g.: maturity
5) A multitude of possibilities- not knowing the path the characters will take keeps our suspense
6) Emotional engagement which leads to future action- ties our emotions along with the story
7) A great story reveals the greatness of the Main character- we see what can be accomplished
8) A beginning, middle and end- gives structure to stay in a pattern that we can
9) The Moral of the story- there are always lessons learned in a story.

What is the central Purpose of a Tarot reading?

The central purpose of a Tarot reading is to find out something you don’t know. It brings us an awareness of situations that we may not see because we are too close to the subject (ourselves). Divination and awareness bring the subconscious into play with the events you don’t know about consciously to be carried from the subconscious into the conscious to help guide the individual on their path or journey.

What “type” of reader are you?

I believe I am closest to the Alchemist in that I don’t feel drawn to any one of the other 4; the Alchemist suits my abilities to blend, change and gather skills to suit my surroundings. This feels the most comfortable and I am more drawn to this type.

Who is your “nightmare” client? How will you approach and work with them?

I think my nightmare client would be the person that doesn’t interact with me. I am very personable and I like to establish rapport with people. I will probably try to talk to them a bit and try to ask questions to get them to talk more. If they feel they shouldn’t need to talk to me because I “should just know” then I may start to explain that I will be able to read more efficiently when I feel like we are ready to start and comfortable. I may also be effected by people who get upset when I read something for them that worries them, but I will try to be positive to re-enforce the possibilities our lives have and try to encourage optimism.

How will your spiritual beliefs engine your work as a reader?

Right now I am more spiritual than I have been in the past. I am not a “religious” person but believe there is a life force aiding and guiding us as we go through life. A Higher being or presence is definitely at work and I know we are all here for a reason. This is a good and beautiful guidance; it is our humanity and being brought up in this sort-of crazy world that makes us see the other sides of Life. I always try to believe there are good things surrounding us and we need to find that. So this is a positive and supportive way that I would like to be and if this is considered my Spirituality, then Yes I am bringing this with me as a reader whole heartedly.

Formulate your Tarot Mission Statement from the information you gleaned about yourself from this reading. Make it between 25‐35 words.

Graduate Tarot Reader's Mission Statement

I accept this Gift, I appreciate this Gift and I will act upon this Gift, as I believe it is delivered to me from the purest and highest of sources.
I will share this information I receive with my clients as it is given to me, as honestly and openly possible. My goal is to use my Intuition as a tool for Guidance, Awareness and Empowerment for seeing the Potential within us all and I promise to share this Gift with each person I am lucky enough to read the Tarot for.


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