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Online Readings are Accurate

Many people wonder if Online Psychic Text Chat can be as accurate as in person readings. The truth is that connecting with clients and spirit is not at all related to geography, proximity, or in person vibes. Kathleen's Skype tarot readings involve accessing the timeless, limitless, multidimensional alternate reality. The sacred is not bound by the laws that govern this material world.

Pay for Online Reading with Any Credit Card

We accept all major credit cards with hassle-free PayPal payment Pay with PayPal for chat with Psychic
Your financial information is 100% secure. Once Kathleen has received your payment via PayPal Kathleen will email you within 24 hours to arrange a time to meet and do your reading in the Skype Chat system.

The following prices in CANADIAN DOLLARS apply:
Length of Reading

Online Psychic Tarot by Skype

Skype provides a private service whereby Kathleen can read for you either by Skype Text Chat, Skype Call or Skype Video Call. If you don't already have a Skype Account please click this link to Download Skype Download Skype for chat
View my profile Once you have your Skype account, please provide this to Kathleen by email or Skype using her username kathleen.meadows.

There are three ways Skype can help you to get reading with Kathleen.

1. Text Chat Reading

online psychics - paypal payment Before making an appointment to have a Chat reading with Kathleen on Skype you make your payment to Kathleen's PayPal account.

Once you have made your payment, Kathleen will contact you by email within 24 hours to arrange to meet her in the Skype Chat Room. If she is available your Chat Reading can begin upon receipt of your payment.

Chat with me  
Click here for Chat Online on Skype. Kathleen's Skype name is kathleen.meadows

If she is NOT available you can arrange a time to meet with Kathleen online via an email sent to her at: tarotbykathleen@gmail.com Please NOTE that Kathleen will contact you within 24 hours.

When the reading is completed you have the option of saving your chat reading text to your computer by copy and paste it from Skype chat window for later perusal.

2. Call Psychic Reading

Kathleen can read for you by Skype Call. Making a Skype call is easy. You need to have a microphone and headset or sound system connected to your computer in order to make a Skype Call. If you live in North America, Kathleen will cover the cost of a regular phone call reading.

Arrangements for Skype Call readings are done through email upon receipt of your payment to PayPal.
Skype Me™!

3. Web Cam Psychic Readings

You have the option of arranging a Web Cam Chat Reading with Kathleen on Skype. Arrangements for readings are done through email upon receipt of your payment to PayPal.

With Skype you can easily set up a video connection between You and Kathleen.

Skype Me™!

You need to have a web cam connected to your computer in order to make a Skype Video Call.

Phone Readings with Kathleen

Chat with Kathleen on Skype
Chat with me
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Call to Kathleen with Skype Skype Me™!
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