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Corporate Events, Parties, Festivals and Tea Houses

Psychic Reading for Corporate EventsKathleen has been a huge entertainment success at many corporate events, celebration parties, showers, birthdays, graduations, and staff appreciation retreats. Many organizers are shocked at the boost in their attendance just because she is going to be there doing readings. They are completely amazed when people are asking where the line up begins before Kathleen has had a chance to set herself up! Several party planners have been caught in a desperate situation realizing that they had only booked Kathleen for her 2 hour minimum and people are grumbling they might not have their turn.

  • Toyota has contracted Kathleen to read at their Sales Staff appreciation weekends at Langdon Hall in Cambridge.

  • The City of Kitchener and the Perimeter Institute contract Kathleen to read at their staff Wellness Days, and festivals.

  • The Tea Association of Canada contracts Kathleen every January to read at their New Year's celebration at the Royal York.

  • Pharmaceutical companies in southern Ontario contract Kathleen to read at their company-hosted staff training weekends at Langdon Hall.

  • Several entertainment companies in the southern Ontario region have sub-contracted Kathleen to read at Christmas parties, BBQ's, bachelor-ette parties and residential management company picnics.

  • Corporate and private celebrations are always pleased and stunned at the excitement their staff expresses at having Kathleen read at events.

Corporate and private reading

Pictured above is the Tea Association yearly party held at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto where Kathleen does readings for all attendees yearly.

Kathleen Psychic Reader & Entertainer

Typically in a month I receive 4 – 5 queries to do a “Psychic Party”. This means would I like to be the entertainment at a birthday, shower, retirement, or fund raiser etc. A few emails have come in from thousands of kilometers away making me wonder if I’ve exaggerated my abilities.

When I first started doing readings professionally I leaped at every party gig with enthusiasm. Some hostesses (no I’ve never been invited to do a men’s circle) would plant me in upper or lower level rooms and guests would file one by one into my assigned space for an individual reading. I was told how many were expecting a reading and how long each one was to be. It was all done in a very orderly fashion following a list the hostess had prepared prior to the event.

Others were wildly chaotic. Once I was invited to a company party and no sooner sat down at a tiny table when the lights were lowered and the music volume was cranked through speakers no more than ten feet from my head. All night I sat staring at lips moving across from me and went home at the end of the night hoarse from screaming out a bazillion readings.

Can you stay longer please!"

Another company Christmas party had invited me along with a couple of other entertainers (clowns, singers etc). As soon as the guests discovered that the woman sitting at a small table in front of the stage (yes there was quite a din on stage behind me) was doing readings, the line up quickly amassed all the way around the banquet room. The party organizer had made the regrettable mistake of contracting me for 2 hrs. only. In less than ten minutes I looked up to see her bustling over to me with a stricken face, “Can you stay longer? PLEASE say yes?!” I looked at the line and closed my eyes listening to the roar and said, “No I’m so sorry I have another Christmas party right on the heels of this one.” Yes of course it was a lie. My only after gig plans were to go home and lie down.

Treated Like the Queen at Langdon Hall, Cambridge, Ontario

But I’ve experienced other extremes too. One of my event parties at Langdon Hall treated me like the Queen Herself. Sending a limo for me, situating me in a sun room beside a sideboard heaped with freshly made truffles and acting refreshingly relaxed about how much time I spent with each guest – allowing for a natural flow whereby the people who wanted to spend longer time with me could while others were happy to simply chat with me for a few minutes. I looked out at the pastoral landscape outside my window and wondered how on earth I got so blessed.

Booking Kathleen for Your Next Party or Event

If you would like to have Kathleen at your event send her an email. Kathleen's fees for being the psychic reader at parties and parties are the same as coming to her for a reading in person with a minimum of a 2 hr booking - $165/hr.
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