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Victoria, (Oak Bay), BC, Vancouver Island, Canada
Kathleen's In Person Reading Practice

Hi Kathleen, It was a pleasure to meet you!! I just wanted to thank you for enlightening me and allowing me some closure! I feel like I can FINALLY put that chapter to rest and move on with life! Everything you said made complete sense and helped to shed light on a lot of things. I want to thank you once again."
Sincerely, Katie
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I've been a practicing psychic for more than 37 years. It is my vocation to look for patterns of emergence into a future that in the present moment is perceivable. Given of course that you know what to look for or more accurately what to listen for. A future reality is perceivable if we listen carefully to that inner voice that declares without reservation, "This will be!" And frankly it's happened often enough in my life that I know this is true.

"Hi Kathleen
I came to see you in August and well some of the things you told me came true even tho some of them upset me hahaha. The good thing is that you're always honest and never give any false hope! I was wondering if you would be able to do a phone reading for me since there is something that is bothering me and its making me very unhappy. I was wondering what would be the soonest availability you had.
Thanks for your time.
Looking forward into hearing from you.


To determine a future, to fully grasp the past, we must be here now. We must solidly position ourselves in this moment. Smell the aroma, feel the air currents, see the colours, shapes, sizes of everything in room, and most importantly listen carefully to that inner voice. That's the secret of clairvoyance. The more you are aware in this present moment, the more you will know the past and future on each side of it. All of time is right now.

Kathleen's Public In Person Venues

Kathleen has read in a number of prestigious eateries over the years including Crystal's Tea Room, the Walper Terrace Hotel in Kitchener ON, and the Royal York Hotel in Toronto. The executive group at the Royal York Hotel used to affectionately refer to Kathleen as, "their resident psychic". To arrange to have Kathleen read for your special party email Kathleen

Kathleen Reads in Person in Oak Bay, Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Kathleen's private reading practice is in her office located in Victoria (Oak Bay) Victoria, BC.

To arrange an in person reading with Kathleen in Victoria BC call her at 778-433-9145 or email Kathleen


"The religion of life-why, my friends, you should love religiously, breathe religiously, think religiously; not simply pray religiously, not simply kneel down on Sunday religiously, or in family worship; but every action should be a deed of worship, and every thought a prayer: and every tear of sympathy is as much a true feeling of devotion as that worship which comes from the lips-and more, when it is prompted by a true impulse within the heart." by Mrs. Cora Richmond 1880

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